About Me

Hello! My name is Jake Chuharski, I am a student at MIT studying math & computation and cognition. I have done research in group theory, machine learning, signal processing, algorithms, and others. I enjoy problem solving and talking about my research/projects. Take a look below!

Jake Chuharski

Abstract Algebra
Classification Of The Solubilizer For Minimal Simple Groups: arXiv:2309.09104v2
Radio Frequency Interference
Algorithm research on radio frequency interference characterization and detection for low earth orbit satellites using cyclostationarity, neural networks, and Fourier analysis. Found some success on simulated 5G NR signals. Contact for more info.
Wrote a program that uses markov fields on D-Wave quantum computers to generate music. Winner of the 2021 iQuHACK quantum hackathon. Check out the github repo.
MIT Undergrad Math Association Student Website
Contributor to the UMA website. I have been a member of the UMA for two years and was elected technology chair for the 2023-2024 school year. Check out the website.